Instructional design, presentations, workshops, and research to help organizations and institutions prepare young people for the future of work. Powerful, forward-thinking partnerships. Collaborative efforts to redesign and reimagine what learning, teaching, and employment look like in an era of innovation.

How it works: 
We partner with individuals, organizations, and institutions to develop and design programs, give presentations and reimagine a better future.  We collaboratively push the envelope on what education and employment should look like for student success. We're on a mission to bridge the divide between school and work and we're always looking for partners to make this a reality for young people.  Please reach out if you're interested in working together.


2017 MBA Conclave Conference on Curriculum and Teaching: Evolving Strategies for Teaching and Learning in an Era of Innovation; curriculum materials here

Lewis & Clark's Center for Entrepreneurship Winterim 2018: The CEO of You and Personal Finance 101

MiT School: The Founder's Edge: Strategic Entrepreneurship in an Era of Innovation (Spring Semester Course, 2018)

Oregon Angel Fund: Collaboration for externships and learning experiences 

Design Week Portland 2014: Beyond Grades, Walls and Online Learning : The Future of Education in a Freelance World