Instructional design, presentations, workshops, and research to help organizations and institutions prepare young people for the future of work. Powerful, forward-thinking partnerships. Collaborative efforts to redesign and reimagine what learning, teaching, and employment look like in an era of innovation.

How it works: 
We partner with individuals, organizations, and institutions to develop and design programs, give presentations and reimagine a better future.  We collaboratively push the envelope on what education and employment should look like for student success. We're on a mission to bridge the divide between school and work and we're always looking for partners to make this a reality for young people.  Please reach out if you're interested in working together.


McMinnville Economic Development Program (MEDP): Expansion of the WORKS internship model and the creation of the Pipeline Pilot to connect high school graduates with pathways to living wage careers

Hanlon Development: Small business entrepreneurship activation in the Canby Civic Block

Portland Winterhawks: Applied Personal Finance course in the fall of 2018

The Moreland Farmers Market for the PDX Vendorship Program in the summer of 2018

2017 MBA Conclave Conference on Curriculum and Teaching: Evolving Strategies for Teaching and Learning in an Era of Innovation; curriculum materials here

Lewis & Clark's Center for Entrepreneurship Winterim 2018 and Winterim 2020: The Future of Work and Personal Finance

MiT School: The Founder's Edge: Strategic Entrepreneurship in an Era of Innovation (Spring Semester Course, 2018)

Oregon Angel Fund: Collaboration for externships and learning experiences 

Design Week Portland 2014: Beyond Grades, Walls and Online Learning : The Future of Education in a Freelance World