In & Edge Coaching for High School Students

Recent studies have shown that  67% of colleges google search applicants and 40% of admissions officers report checking applicants’ social media accounts. It’s imperative high school students cultivate an online identity that showcases their values, talents, and range of skills.  

Unfortunately, most high school learning is hidden behind closed classroom doors and proficiency is represented by single letter grades.  However, students get accepted into college and earn meaningful opportunities by showcasing their skills and interests.  

Strategic online identity and portfolio development in high school means that students develop websites that authentically reflect who they are, what they have learned, and where they want to go. When a student owns their own website they also have the ability to select set pieces for their online portfolio that showcase their wide range of skills, experiences and successes. Students would be well-served by posting and reflecting on assignments that demonstrate their quantitative, analytical, artistic, and communication skills.  High school portfolios are an evolving testament to students’ abilities and passions.  High school students who own their online identities and develop a portfolio will have an edge in the college admissions game, in obtaining summer internships, and in developing an online identity for years to come.

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