Learning Experiences

Bringing diverse groups of young people and professionals together in city-wide learning events. Meaningful projects and conversations. Collaborative and future-focused skill development. Life-long connections.  

How it works:

We design, organize, recruit and handle all logistics for transformative learning experiences.  We believe in connecting young people to experts and engaging them in real-world challenges. We build and manage immersive learning experiences that get students out of the classroom and connect students with opportunities.  We believe in creating experiences that change students lives and make a positive impact on the community.


How to Break into the Gig Economy, Lewis & Clark College program

I created this 1.5 hour highly engaging and interactive workshop to better prepare Lewis and Clark students for the future of work. As always, we started with why - why this topic matters to students, how students have been asked the wrong question their whole lives ("what do you want to be when you grow up?"), how the employer-employee relationship is changing and how the latest research on the freelance economy might impact their mean for their lives. I then led students through an activity I created called the "Ikigai Skills Inventory" and we compared their skill-sets with the most in-demand freelance skills and the 50 most common well-paid freelance activities. Finally, I led students through a 10 step plan for freelance success. By the end of the session, students identified one or two possible offerings for the freelance economy and thought strategically about how how to build their brand and find their first clients. 

Winterim Program Teacher at the Bates Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Lewis & Clark College

Cognizant's "21 Jobs of the Future"

Cognizant's "21 Jobs of the Future"

I had the opportunity to lead two sessions for 30 talented college students at Lewis & Clark College during their annual, week-long entrepreneurship learning experience and challenge.  The CEO of You introduced students to the 4th Industrial Revolution, the latest research on future of work, and strategies for success in an era of exponential change given the automation of the workforce, multi-careering, and the growing freelance economy.  The session ended with a workshop on Portfolium and students started building their Portfolium profiles to connect, "learning to opportunity." 

The Personal Financial Literacy session aimed to teach students to use debt wisely to build credit/their credit score, create a budget (Acorns and Mint) to live within their means, maximize their financial opportunities at their first job(s), and engage in long-term financial planning through saving and strategic investing. In addition to the lecture-discussion, I helped students choose the best credit card for them and set-up a budget.

Testimonial from Chrys Hutchings,  Associate Director, Programming & Partnerships
John E. and Susan S. Bates Center for Entrepreneurship & Learning
Lewis & Clark College

"The reason Meredith received the top score from 100% of the anonymous student survey responses is because she balances substantive real life/practical advice with  humor and vulnerability. It is one thing to deliver this content and another thing altogether for it to sink in. Students immediately liked and respected Meredith and thus listened. 

Students were coming up to us expressing gratitude for this workshop--when does that happen?! As a parent and educator, I know this future-focused workshop is essential for transitioning to the professional world.

Meredith connected with the students so well that we took to calling her the Pied Piper. Whenever she walked away from one group of students, you would see another few students walk towards her. 

Meredith took a potentially boring topic and made it not only useful and streamlined, but downright enjoyable. I was clutching my stomach laughing at a couple points. It was gratifying to watch the Meredith use her expertise in this field and weave it in such a way that you could see students start to envision and take responsibility for the transition from school to life.

It is unusual to witness an educator connect with the students so quickly. Students are telling me that they reached out to her afterwards and set up coffees. That bond and trust is special to observe and we are grateful that we have Meredith as such a substantive and critical resource."

How to be an Exponential Person

This is a video recording based on a talk I gave to the Portland Talented Professionals group in July, 2018.

Three days of intense collaboration, social innovation, and mentoring from inspiring entrepreneurs and experts in the fields of software, design, engineering, business development, sales, marketing, and investing.  Open to all high school students in the Portland metro area.  Students learn and use lean startup methodology to launch a startup over the course of a weekend. Startup Camp has run four times and has sold out each time.

PDX Start Up Camp 2017 (28).JPG

WANT Summer Teen Journalism Fellowship

A four-day learning experience open to high school students throughout Portland (16 students from 7 high schools participated in 2017).  Focused on the future of journalism, journalism as the "Third Estate" in our democracy, teaching students how to leverage a variety of digital platforms to amplify their voice and advance their personal missions.  See the 2017 schedule.