In & Edge Coaching

Strategic coaching for Generation Z. Craft a compelling online presence that creates opportunities. Gain a competitive advantage in college admissions and employment by owning and honing your online identity. Create connections to amplify your positive impact and build your network. Translate academic accomplishments to workplace needs. Authentically showcase your ideas, values, and skills. Claim your personal mission. Get an in. Gain an edge. Future-proof your success.

The In & Edge Process:

1. Goal-Setting and Discovery
Understand strengths and areas for improvement (we use Strengthsfinder, a personal SWOT analysis, Sokanu, in addition to other methods), inventory skills, uncover your mission statement, set goals, identify target audiences and communication channels, know your value proposition

2. Creation
Build an personal website that acts as a professional portfolio (Weebly or Squarespace), craft a resume, develop your online presence on select social media channels, create a communications strategy, claim a personal mission statement, start writing for external audiences, learn publicly, leverage strengths, select set pieces and skills that highlight strengths for your portfolio and optimize search results, continue to build skill-set, learning focus

3. Connect
Blog regularly and engage in conversation on select social media channels (usually LinkedIn and Twitter), schedule informational interviews, get an in through "warm introductions," become a leader in your community, identify and attend workshops, events and meet-ups to build your network, share portfolio pieces strategically across multiple platforms

4. Evaluate and Iterate
Evaluate website analytics and responses to posts, refine mission and communication technique and strategies, develop an SEO strategy, create a content calendar, continue learning, reflect on successes and areas for growth, continue to work to amplify positive impact on your community, be a leader and leading voice, refine and define your personal and professional niche.

Let’s work together  

Hourly Consulting

Free 30-minute intake meeting and ideation session

$75/hour for one-on-one strategy sessions

We will happily tailor our In & Edge strategy to fit each individual’s goals and needs based on a free 30 minute consultation.  Consulting works best for short term goals - do you need a summer internship? Do you want to build your network in a specific area and aren't sure how? We work with individuals of all ages, but the focus of our work is on helping young people - high school through 30-somethings - develop their personal brand and land transformative opportunities. We are happy to schedule the types of meetings that work best for you - in-person, online, or by phone.

The Complete Package

$1,500 Comprehensive In & Edge package (22 hours max)

  • Completion of all phases of personal brand development process
  • 2 professional digital headshot images 

  • Graphic design support for logo and website

  • Fully supported creation of a compelling and professional online presence on multiple channels (website and social media)

  • Personal and/or professional portfolio that showcases your skill set and creates opportunities

  • Strategic coaching using lean startup methodology, design thinking and business model canvas frameworks

  • Personal connections and warm introductions 

  • Content strategy and editing for communications

  • Search engine optimization

  • Informational interview and networking preparation

  • Accountability, reflection and feedback

  • Get an in & Gain an Edge in college admissions, internships, employments and beyond

Additional charges: we highly recommend Squarespace for online portfolio development.  Students who are new to Squarespace will pay $72 for the first year of their site.  All others will need to purchase the $12/month option at $144 per year annual cost.  Domain name included.