Trend Alert: Artisanal Popsicles

Written by: Meron Semere, Rising Sophomore at Reynolds High School
Vendor: Stellar Pop

The Stellar Pop Cart

The Stellar Pop Cart

Stellar Pop is the Starbucks of popsicles. All of the popsicles are made with USDA organic ingredients and are dairy and gluten free. Flavors are planet themed and are refreshing on a hot or cool day. The popsicles aren’t diluted down as much as other popsicles with water so you get a more fruity and delicious popsicle.

When I first joined Stellar Pop it was unusual to me because I was wondering who buys popsicles at a farmers market wouldn’t people go to a grocery store or a 7-Eleven. My vendor Luka told me to try one and the Mars popsicle didn’t taste like any popsicle I tried before. The richness of the mango, pineapple, banana, and coconut was like a cold fruit smoothie. Luka talked to me about the product and the company. He told me I could do some media posts and my first day for a while and learn how to make transactions.

As the day went by there was always a steady flow of customers. The company emphasizes its all natural, organic ingredients I used the focus on natural ingredients to my advantage in my first social media posts by using natural scenery of plants or flowers for pictures. I got to put what I learned from the first business class to use and my first Instagram post had around 110 likes with a few comments. At first, working at the cart later was worrisome because I wasn’t trained enough about the product. As the second week came along, I knew by heart what was in each flavor and how to keep track of sales along with credit card transactions.

Some of the obstacles I’ve encountered are customers asking me about why it’s priced at $4 and I didn’t want to be pushy. The best way I learned of tackling this question is talking about how the popsicles are made because they’re made in Portland with USDA organic ingredients and aren’t as diluted as other brands, which means you get a more delicious popsicle. Also, handling a huge line of people was scary because I didn’t want people to wait too long and I want everyone to have a good experience. A common question customers was about how many calories or grams of sugar were in the popsicles. This is the most common question I hear and I was honest to the customer and said, “I don’t know.” However, I talked about what the natural ingredients inside the product and customers were convinced to buy one.

Stellar Pop popsicles is a gourmet popsicle that’s great for any time and our beloved Moreland neighbors love it. Try a Pluto - you’ll love the tart/sweet lime and watermelon flavors!

Meredith Goddard