Skills Workshops

Online learning of in-demand skills coupled with group workshops to work on client projects, meet with experts, apply skills and build portfolios. Flexible learning for a flexible workplace.

How it works: 
Skills Workshops are intended for young adults who are seeking a career upgrade or transition.  Skills Workshops are a blending learning approach to “upskilling” and portfolio development.  Completion of an online course through MOOCs like Udacity, Coursera, or an online university, is a great way to build skills, but is not enough to land a job.  Skills Workshops bring participants together to share their learning, troubleshoot problems, meet with professionals in the field and take on an actual client project.  Each participant will create a deliverable for an actual business/organization client. Participants will present their deliverable to the client, receive feedback on this finished product and learn how to showcase this deliverable in an online portfolio.

2017-2018 Skills Workshops
Graphic Design and Document Design with Photoshop