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Get an In & Gain an Edge

In & Edge: Strategic Coaching for Generation Z. Craft a compelling online presence that creates opportunities. Gain a competitive advantage in college admissions and employment by owning and honing your online identity. Authentically showcase your ideas, values, and skills in a multi-careering, freelance world. Future-proof your success.



PDX Vendorship Program

June 13 - August 1, 2018

A work-based business school for Portland high school students

The PDX Vendorship Program will launch in June 2018 in partnership with the Moreland Farmers Market with an eight week educational work program for roughly 15 high school students.

This free program gives students an opportunity to gain valuable work experiences and skills, while supporting vendors during one full market (Wednesdays) a week. In addition, students will take part in weekly night classes that feature expert presenters and will help students develop their communication, marketing, accounting, management, analytic and sales skills in order to apply these skills to projects for their vendor.



Wanted: Visionary Valedictorians

“A-students work for B-students and they both work for C-students.”

 I can’t place who said this to me as I was finishing up my coursework at Carleton College in 2006, but it’s stuck with me ever since. Apparently, a “rich dad” has made an audiobook for parents about a similar train of thought.

The Wrong Question and a Few Better Ones

I imagine adults ask The Question to help young people envision their futures, lay claim to big dreams, and express their passions. Even though The Question is well intended, it’s the wrong question.


Known Knowns: The Future of Work

The future of work is filled with known unknowns (Will Amazon become The Everything Store and what does that mean for Main Street America?) and unknown unknowns - events and innovations that we cannot fathom today. But the known known is that creativity will be the generative force personally and nationally -- now and into the future.